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Energic 31 happens to be a patented medicine from ayurved vikas sansthan which acts as a health supplement. It works towards the improvement of overall body health and its anti-stress, anti- oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help in healing of sexual weakness, weakness of nerves, premature ejaculation,low libido,low sperm count,to list a few.

It is a blend of 31 natural and highly potent herbs that overcome many disorders and health related problems.The key ingredient of this product is shuddha shilajit.

Other ingredients are:

Shankh Bhasm, Tribang Bhasm, Shudh Kupeelu, Kukkutandtwak Bhasm, Muktashukti Bhasm, Swarnmakshik Bhasm, Shataver, Konch Ke Beej, Asgandh, Dalcheeni, Nagkesar, Gokhru, Sonth, Loh Bhasm, Lodh Pathani, Chotti IIaichi, Javitri, Suranjan Meetha, Bidhara, Jaiphal, Moosli Safed, Samundra Sosh, Long, Babool ka Gond, Talmakhana, Chotti Pipal, Kali Mirch, Safed Chandan, Akarkara, Kankol Mirch.

Benefits of using Energic-31

·         Recover weakness after coitus.

·         Recover weakness of old age (man and woman).

·         Improve the function of sexual organs.

·         It increases manhood in man and womanhood in women.

·         Physical weakness, giving extra energy and stamina to player’s.

·         Body pain’s, foot and head - ache, backache due to long journey, climbing to mountains and excessive work.

·         Physical and mental tiredness and dullness due to daily routine work.

·         Weakness due to unbalanced diet, fast food, irregular and de-scheduled work.

·         To improve resistance power and stamina, keeps body fit and energetic.

·         To improve health, strength, vigour and vitality.

·         To improve digestive system.

·         To improve R.B.C in blood and help in the formation of new blood.

·         To control sugar and weakness.

Directions to use

One capsule twice a day with milk in morning (empty stomach) and one capsule at bed time.


In any disease at least 40-day course should be pursued or till the disease is cured.

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